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Authentic product reviews are one of the best ways for you to spread the word about your company and products. Modern parents are concerned about the safety, reliability, and aesthetics of the products they buy for their babies. When so many of today's cloth diapers are available only through online venues, parents turn to online reviews for their main source of reliable information about which brands will work best for their baby.

Partnering with Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways ensures that honest, authentic feedback is dispersed online about your company and product. Real-life photographs are shared, and anecdotal feedback makes your product accessible to everyday readers. We will help you generate a "buzz" about your product through our blog posts, Facebook connections, and Twitter followers. We will help you form new networking opportunities and will help get your name out there to moms, dads, and families who are looking for a place to turn for their next purchase.

Audience & Readership:

Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways was established on January 4, 2011. Since its onset, we have gained:

- 188,380 hits on the blog
- 6,052 Facebook fans
- 1,816 Twitter followers
- 1,501 blog followers
- 857 RSS feed subscribers
- 572 email subscribers

(information accurate as of 02/07/14)

To Have Your Product Reviewed:

Online product reviews disperse information about your company and product to a targeted, dedicated audience. If you would like to have your product reviewed by me, you would agree to send me a free sample of your product, after which I would, in a timely manner, post a public and detailed review of your product on my blog. All reviews will include my honest opinions and detailed, anecdotal experience with using your product. Whenever applicable, photos will be included to enhance the review. Details about your business or product will also be included to give readers more background information about who you are. At your request, you will be the first to read the review before it is published online.

To Have Your Product Reviewed AND Featured in a Giveaway:

Giveaways generate further buzz, interest, and networking opportunities between your company and our readership. To participate in a giveaway, as per above, you will agree to send me a free sample of your product for review, and a complete public review and write-up will still be completed on your business and product. In addition to all the above-mentioned information, you will also agree to make a second product (or a monetary credit to your online website) available for a giveaway. A giveaway will further interest readers in your company by engaging them in aspects of your business (in exchange for entries to the giveaway) such as but not limited to: visiting your website, following your Twitter account and posts, liking your Facebook account and posts, signing up for your newsletter, etc. When you contact me, we will further discuss the details of how entries for the giveaway will be determined.

Once a winner is determined by random draw, the sponsor is responsible to ensure the winner receives the final product or online credit. As such, the sponsor has the final authority to determine which country's residents are eligible to enter the giveaway.

Testimonials from Sponsors of One of Our Large Gala Events:

"Working with Lisa from Cloth Diaper Contests was truly a pleasure. From the first email to checking to make sure I had received the winner's information, Lisa stayed in constant contact with me. Her thorough but personal interview with each sponsor for the giveaway was especially nice. I loved the professional, hassle free way all details were handled and the giveaway brought lots of traffic to my page as well as a few sales. I would honestly work with Lisa 1,000x over and have asked her to review an item of Cow Patties and to keep me at the top of any giveaway sponsor lists."
- Megs, Cow Patties Cloth

"Participating in Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways Facebook February gala as a sponsor was one of my best PR decisions so far in 2011. The profile she wrote on me and my company was much better than anything I could have done myself, and her idea to ask each participant what they respect the most about the sponsors was great: I went through all the comments (90!), and it gave me that extra little something needed to confirm that the choices I made since the beginning were the right ones. Thank you Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways, working with you was a pleasure and you can count me in for sure for your next event!"
- Sophie, MiniMaestro Pocket Diapers

"Being a sponsor for Cloth Diaper Contests and Giveaways' Facebook February was great for me and my business in so many ways. When the event took place, I was a new business and was hoping to get some more traffic to my facebook page. Not only did I get the traffic I was looking for, but the response from those who took part in the event was so encouraging and inspiring. They came looking to win some great prizes, but they walked away with nothing but great things to say about me and my business and the other sponsoring women/businesses. I walked away from the event so uplifted! On top of all that, I was able to make some good connections with other women who are interested in what I do and wanted more information. Overall, I benefited greatly from sponsoring this event and would highly encourage others to participate if given the opportunity. Lisa is great to work with!"
- Katie Palladino, Consultant, Diaper Parties by Everything Birth

Contact Me to Arrange a Review or Giveaway:

If you are interested in arranging or inquiring further about a review or giveaway, please contact me by email at or use our convenient contact form here.