Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Interview with Cloth Diaper & Canada Day Giveaway {CAN Only}

I LOVE getting to know WAHMs & Cloth Diaper Retailers! It is such an awesome part of what I get to do. There are some AMAZING women & families out there that I have had the pleasure of interacting with. I am excited to introduce to you the Company and Mama (Stephanie) behind the Alberta based online cloth diaper retailer Cloth Diaper

What would you like to tell us about Cloth Diaper

We are in our 5th year of business, which is a long time for a cloth diaper store!  We consider ourselves a specialty cloth boutique.  90% of what we carry is cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories.  We strive to provide a large selection of 10 of the best brands for baby’s bum.  Serving Grande Prairie and Edmonton, Alberta locally and Canada wide via shipping, we stand behind our almost 6 years of personal cloth diapering experience to find a solution that works for you!

You call yourself cloth diaper experts.  Why?

We’ve been at this a long time. We’ve cloth diapered straight from day 1 on a newborn, we cloth diaper overnight, we’ve used hybrids and fitteds with wool and we’ve cloth diapered toddlers and potty learners.  We’ve diapered babies that were breastfed and formula fed, used diaper sprayers and flushable liners, one size, sized, side snapped, snap down and fold over rise diapers.  We’ve tried all the synthetic fabrics and all the natural fabrics.  We’ve helped customers deal with hard water, soft water and well water with all kinds of different washing machines, detergents and additives.  We’ve helped mamas who were cloth diapering because of allergies, skin sensitivities and hip dysplasia and those who were dealing with fit issues, leaking or smells.  We’ve tried every brand and type of diaper and done tons of fittings on big, little, short and tall babies.  Yes, we know our stuff  and yes we can help you too.

Stephanie - Tell us a bit more about yourself & your family?

I am Married with 3 lovely kiddos.  We've been cloth diapering for almost 6 years now and we have done it all.  Cloth diapered a baby and toddler at the same time, cloth diapered straight from day 1 at the hospital, used fitteds and wool, you name it we've done it or tried it and we've helped hundreds of families cloth diaper their own families with Cloth Diaper

Tell me a bit about your personal cloth diaper journey?

A couple of interesting stories come to mind. At one point, with our newest baby who was 2 months old, we were getting overwhelmed with all 3 kids and adjusting to our bigger family and we ended up putting baby in disposables at night.  After about a week in disposables, he got a high fever and ended up in the hospital for 3 days with a UTI (urinary tract infection).  While we were in pediatrics we asked the doctors/nurses if it had anything to do with our cloth diapers - their response - cloth diapers were far better and that disposables can cause infections in some children.  Needless to say we were not lazy anymore and he will never wear another disposable again!

And another one I laugh about - Somehow a penny got stuck in one of our kid's diapers and when we went to change them, they had a maple leaf imprint on their butt lol. (Especially funny considering the prize and timing of this giveaway haha

What makes Cloth Diaper different from other stores/options?

We are very Canadian! Lots of online stores will ship anywhere.  Not us.  Canada only.  Why?  For one, this practice supports our national economy, but the main reason, and perhaps the best is because we carry a lot of big brands who do exclusive or limited edition diapers and restricting our shipping to within Canada means Canadians can have a better shot at getting their hands on them, rather than having them all snapped up by buyers over the border.

What is your personal favourite cloth diaper & Why?

That's tough...ummm, I'm currently in love with Blueberry Simplex All In Ones.  Fantastic company, domestically made diapers, amazing quality and fit, they dry super fast and you have the option of either cotton or stay dry on the bum just by flipping the tongue style insert one way or the other.

What are the most exciting things going on at your store right now?  Here’s the top 3 big things we’ve been up to lately:

#1) Custom made Canada Day diapers for patriotic little bums from Bottombumpers.  You won’t find these anywhere else in Canada and these adorable diapers are available just in time for Canada Day.  Enter to win one below or visit our website to see other options available:
#2) We teamed up with Delish Naturals to create a custom Yum Bum Butter that is cloth diaper safe and available exclusively at Cloth Diaper Kids!  Available now, it’s lightly scented with Bergamot and Neroli (highly recommended for baby skin) and fights redness, diaper rash, dry skin and more!

#3) We are welcoming the bumGenius line to our store!  We’re very excited about this new addition and can’t wait to offer you this line of fantastic products.  Stay tuned for their arrival by following our Facebook page or newsletter.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Stephanie and Cloth Diaper Kids! She had graciously decided to giveaway one of these totally awesome Bottombumpers AIO cloth diapers! Narrow throught the crotch and very absorbent these high quality diapers are made in the USA, feature an organic natural fabric interior and are custom embroidered just for Cloth Diaper Kids.  The soakers are 4 layers of 100% Certified Organic Cotton and topped with Organic Bamboo Velour/Rayon (98% organic bamboo/cotton, 2% poly in the backing).

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Erlinda said...

I wasn't home for this, but when I was out with friends for the first since having my second child, I left the baby with my husband and mother. Apparently, hubby hadn't put the cloth diaper on right and next thing my mother knew there was poop running down her whole body and into her slippers. When I texted my hubby on my way home, all he responded with was, "Can't chat... Poopy emergency... You dodged a bullet..."

Jena said...

The other day my 8mo baby was chasing his 3yo sister around the room & when I looked back from what I was doing, his diaper was hanging off of him! (Those diapers didn't use the best snaps...)

Unknown said...

I went into a local natural parenting store in search for a gift for my sister in law. I then saw the cloth diapers and was super intrigued! Then once I became pregnant, I went in at least once a month and asked questions, got more information, did research, etc. We've now been cloth diapering for ten months :)

Viv Sluys said...

I actually started cloth diapering due to peer pressure :( I hated it when I started with my second baby at 11 months old. I only had a handful of diapers and it was super stressful. Then I got pregnant with my third and couldn't handle the smell of the cloth so I quit. Then when my third baby was about 4 or 5 months old I decided I had better start using the cloth diapers I had because it seemed dumb to have paid for them and not use them. We started out doing a day of cloth and then a day of disposables because we didn't have enough to cloth full time without stress. Now a little over a year and a half later we are doing cloth like there's no other way to diaper!

Unknown said...

There was no doubt that i would use cloth- my husband wasn't into it- but there was no way my kiddo was going to contribute to all the waste when there are great cloth diaper options out there. So the research began because i had NO IDEA there were so many different types of cloth!!!

Jody said...

My sister in law got me into CDing. Gave me a couple of diapers as a gift. So glad she got me started, love it!

Unknown said...

I don't have a funny story. What got me cloth diapering is the BabyCenter's Cloth Diapering board.

Mer-Maid said...

I haven't started yet! I am pregnant with my second child. My first will be 11 in a few days! With my first, we used disposables and she had the worst diaper rash--she was in and out of the pediatrician's office constantly! I now believe that the diapers were to blame and I am SO EXCITED to try cloth diapers this time around!

Christine said...

I started cloth diapering because I read about a friend doing it on a blog and realized I never thought about it. I'm a 'green' person, and this was before I ever got pregnant, so it gave me plenty of time for research!

Unknown said...

I haven't start yet...little bean is due in November so I am trying to stock up before hand!

Jenni said...

No funny stories as I haven't actually started CD yet. I'm trying to build a stash for my baby to come soon. I got the idea to CD because my mother did with my older brother. It always seemed like a good idea to me.