Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{Closed} Bummis Simply Lite Cover Review & Giveaway

(the kind owners of Nature Bumz provided me with the cover however all thoughts and opinions about the cover are my own)

After a long wait and much anticipation from their fans, a few months ago the popular brand Bummis came out with a new ONE SIZE diaper cover to compliment their popular line up of sized covers.  Nature Bumz is a retailer with a mission statement stating they "work hard to provide safe, natural, organic products for mom, baby, the whole family" and I was thrilled they provided me the opportunity to review the new Simply Lite Cover! We never used any sort of covers with DD#1 except for those as part of an AI2 and I have been curious about some other options and personally prefer one size options for the most part. This cover was really interesting to me and hope I can help you learn something – I know I did.


One Size (~8-35 lb)
Diaper Cover/Wrap
Snap Closure Only
Three Rise Settings
No Leg Gussets (wide cut)
Use with Inserts/Fitteds/Flats
1 layer of polyester with a 1 mil PUL laminate exposed for a wipe-clean interior
Guaranteed Lead, Phthalate and BPA free
Made in Canada


Absorbency (or in this case, Waterproof) ****+
The Simply Lite is a cover, so "absorbency" is irrelevent. But what really matters is how the cover functions to keep moisture in and babies clothes dry, right? We used this cover both daytime and nighttime with little to no issues. It has great tabs at the front and back to tuck in a prefold if that is what you are using (it fit the Osocozy Indian Cotton Prefold from Nature Bumz perfectly). And also kept us dry over a huge nighttime fitted. It is a very thin/light material but never experienced a leak at all, anywhere. 

Cuteness/Colors/Prints ***+
The Simply Lite cover is available in 3  Bright Solid Colors and 2 Prints. Raspberry (pink), Kale (green), Ocean (blue), Denim Dot, Pistachio Dot (same prints as the potty pants). Not too much selection but standard when it comes to Bummis. I really LOVED the Raspberry colour Nature Bumz sent me, it is bright and girly! Not sure my pictures really do it justice, I have nothing else like it in my stash for sure. 

Drying *****
Bummis recommends to machine dry at regular temperatures, or hang dry to extend life. You don't even need to wash/dry it that often depending on how dirty it gets. It can easily be wiped clean after each use and reused many times. I just threw ours in with the rest of my diaper laundry and hung to dry. Actually, it almost didn't need to be hung dry because it was so light the washer rung out all the water and came out with very little drying needed!

Ease of Use ****+
It just doesn't get any easier! (well ok, maybe if it was aplix lol & I do love aplix) The only thing you really need to do is find the adjustment that works for the size of your babe. It will probably take you several diaper changes to work out what you think fits best depending on how its being used (prefold vs fitted). We had two very different settings for daytime and nighttime.

Fit ****
I think you would be hard pressed not to get a good fit with this cover. It has three rise settings, a curved waist band (really love this, but may have caused us one leakage though), and super stretchy. You do have to play around with the sizing a bit to get a fit that will work for you, and there is no middle snap on the middle rise. That snap isn't really needed, but most of use are just used to it being there. It also has only one row of waist snaps, so not confusing for Daddies! Although it does cause the wings to lift up because of this (you can see in the pics). Our night time diapers are crazy huge around here for a our heavy wetter so a great cover with tons of room is a must. Below you will see our huge fitted bum with maybe even some room to spare in the back! It also fit absolutely perfect (and trim) with the Osocozy Indian Cotton Unbleached Prefold trifolded inside.

If you want to know what Bummis cover will work best for you, you MUST go check out the incredible Wrap Comparison Chart on their website!

Price ***+
This cover is a little more on the higher end as far as other styles of Bummis covers go and some of the other covers on the market. In Canada at Nature Bumz the Bummis Simply Lite sells for  $17.50 (The Bummis Super Brite sells for $13.97, Bummis Super Whisper sells for $12.95, Bummis Super Snap sells for $13.50) In the USA the Simply Lite sells on average for $16.95 each. However overall when your using prefolds and covers it is still a very economical option. 

Quality *****
Bummis quality has always been exceptional. This cover is exteramly light weight, very soft actually, and incredibly stretchy.  The snaps & elastic are strong and very good quality. Bummis has always had a great reputation for having durable, high quality covers. They are made in the factory just outside of Montreal Canada employing Canadians to sew the covers and Americans in their  upstate New York warehouse while sourcing materials locally in Canada & USA whenever possible. It is so great (and important) to support a North American company that is sourcing locally and you know exactly where everything is being made!

Travel Worthy *****
Simple, light, one size, stretchy. Easily thrown into any diaper bag or backpack or suitcase. So easy to take this cover any where with a handful of prefolds. Easy to pack, easy to use, easy to clean! I would take this cover for a short trip or even on vacation!

Wear/Tear *****
I would really just repeat what I said about the quality above. I think this cover will last a long time in your diaper stash! It is made very well and you don't have to worry about the wear of Aplix. The only thing I really dislike is the tag on the inside at the belly, it seems like not the smartest place for it.
Overall ****
What I like best about this cover is that is one size, it is crazy light weight, it's very stretchy and you can easily wipe and reuse. What I like least about this cover is that it is missing the leg gussets, I really like them on the Bummis Super Brite (what can I say, I really like leg gussets). And the tag in the front inside (I will be cutting that out for sure I think). The thing DH dislikes the most, is only having one row of waist snaps and the way the wings droop because of it. I really love the values of Bummis and would recommend their Simply Lite One Size Cover for sure!

Size Comparison to Bummis Super Brite Covers
Blue is Size Small Super Brite
Raspberry is the One Size Simply Lite
Green is Size Medium Super Brite

The differences are the Super Brite Cover comes only in Aplix, has polyester & thicker PUL and comes in 5 sizes (newborn to extra large). The Simply Lite is somewhat similar to the medium Super Brite when laying flat, however it has a lot of stretch to it and can still fit over a huge night fitted as I already mentioned above.

The fabulous owners of Nature Bumz have sponsored this giveaway! Nature Bumz are an established online & showroom specialty natural parenting store. Established in October 2010 they are a family owned and operated business with their Customers needs at the forefront of their mission as a cloth diapering, natural parenting establishment.  They are knowledgeable about cloth diapers and natural parenting products, located out of Niagara Falls, Ontario thet serve customers from Niagara Falls, the Niagara Region, across Canada & all areas in the United States.  They pride themselves in what they sell and believe in the brands they carry. Nature Bumz sells cloth diapers, cloth diapering accessories, and more. Free shipping on orders over $74.99

The owners of Nature Bumz (Crystal & Brian) are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and amazing to work with! Make sure to check out the really great Cloth Diapering 101 information on their website as well the Nature Bumz Blog which cover topics like "cloth diaper myths exposed" and "is chlorine bleach necessary for cloth diapering".


* Open to residents of Canada & United States (see terms & conditions below in Raffelcopter, shipping directly from supplier)

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cindyf said...

Using prefolds and fitteds. Don't have enough covers

Unknown said...

I'm in major need of covers! I'm about to start cloth for the first time and I can really use this please! !!!

Clean Meals Mama said...

I have never tried covers, but would love to.

CoffeeGirl said...

Always need more covers. I have lots of flats. I love Bummis products and their quality company!

Anne Marie said...

I'd like to win this cover because we have two in diapers right now! - Anne Sweden

Unknown said...

I haven't tried flats/perfolds yet but I plan on it. I have used a bummis whisper cover and it's amazing for my fitted newborn diaper.

aperry said...

I've tried totbots and I love them. I use prefolds and fitteds with covers.

Jen P said...

Haven't used covers and prefolds yet. i've used pockets, AIO and hybrid fitteds :)

Beth R said...

We use covers and prefolds and love them. It is so much easier than pockets

Erica C said...

I want to continue to build my cover stash. I've only used prefolds and covers, though I've got some AIOs and pockets in waiting :-).

matope said...

we use mostly prefolds and covers since im a ft handwasher... we have one bummis cover and loooove it! so durable!

Unknown said...

This will work GREAT for my potty training 2 yr old to wear over her panties. If I can avoid the big puddle on the carpet then I have won!

Colleen Maurina said...

I would love to win this because we love Bummis products. We use covers and prefolds because they are so easy and economical.

Unknown said...

I would love to win because recently my daughter has been leaking frequently in OS AIO's. So I switched to covers/prefolds and it isn't an issue anymore. However we only have a few covers, so I am constantly doing laundry!
The only wipes we use are the unbleached cotton wipes, love them!

Unknown said...

I love prefolds/flats and covers. I have tried other types and I ALWAYS come back to these. I have tried Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and I really like them.

Cop-MonsteR said...

We will be cloth diapering our LO. We mostly have fitted and covers but have a few other kinds of diapers thrown in. I think one of the covers I don't currently have any Bummis covers.

Melissa said...

I just got some prefolds to try for my newbie, so this cover would be a great complement.

Hillary said...

I use prefolds and fitteds and most other kinds of CD's too lol. I had a NB size bummis cover and loved it

jennifer NL said...

i'd love to win this cover because we are building a stash for baby #2, due at the end of june and we plan on mostly using prefolds, flats, and fitteds!

Unknown said...

i used cloth diapers for a short time with each of my 3 kids and am determined to use them all the way through with this, my 4th. i love covers and prefolds and am struggling financially and trying to rebuild my stash!

Charlotte said...

I've never tried them before, but I just got given a bunch of prefolds so I'd like to try some.

Carly Tea said...

Haven't started diapering yet, but my first is due soon and I need more covers! Heard great things about Bummis.

Vicki Hall said...

I have tried Bummis products before. I use covers and prefolds and I would to try this cover.

Unknown said...

I want to win because I have 2 in diapers and I use covers for both fitteds and prefolds :)

Vicki Hall said...

I'd love to try a Grovia hybrid shell.

Krissy said...

First time mom, due at end of the month... looking to start cloth diapering!! :) So excited.

Soozle said...

I would love to win for a close gf who ONLY uses cloth diapers!