Friday, August 2, 2013

The Sling Sisters XL Wet Bag - Review & Giveaway

* I was not given a free product for this review - these thoughts are all my own *

So, I was in desperate search of a new pail liner for my diaper pail (garbage can) as DH decided he hated waiting for one while the other was being washed. Yeah - permission to shop! I decided to be somewhat frugal about this because of my diaper spending, but yet needed to get something decent at the same time. I found a local online retailer (shout out to The Little Tree Hugger) who carried The Sling Sisters XL Wet Bag. While not necessarily what I was looking for I decided to check out this brand I had not heard of before. LOVED what I saw on their website. While I was poking around I saw they had a few "seconds quality" items for sale (less than perfect). SOLD. I bought one, didn't even care what print it was haha! (but did still like the print)

It arrived quickly in the mail with a super cute, sweet note from one of the sisters! (bonus points already) I had never owned an XL Wet Bag before, only the smaller ones I keep in my diaper bag. On first glance when I opened it up, it appeared smaller than I had imagined it (not reading the dimensions, I was just sold on the XL). But it was cuter than I imagined it in person and I was interested in using the snap handles. Boy was I WRONG about the size, I should never have imagined it to be a pail liner, but it was PERFECT for what I needed it. The website describes it as 3-4 days worth of diapers (size 18x24 inches). I would say it easily held 3 days worth for my 5 month old baby. So I would say approximately 16 pocket diapers and inserts, 4 covers, at least 10 inserts for the covers, and 3 days worth of cloth wipes. And maybe room for another 1 or 2 dipes if I didn't need to wash :)

*pictured compared to a small travel/diaper bag sized wet bag*

I have no idea what the "seconds" flaw was on this bag, it seems perfect to me and there was absolutely no issues with the function at all. If I had to say anything, I struggled with the zipper a little bit, but I have never owned such a large wet bag before and attempted to close it while hanging full of diapers. It is a very well made bag! I'm pretty sure I got a steal of a deal.

I wish I would have discovered hanging/handles wet bags sooner! I really liked having it on my change table instead of using the garbage pail. The handles are very strong and it isn't so big that it is too heavy when over full, plus way easier to carry than a pail liner. No issues after washing several times (I hang dry almost everything so I haven't thrown it in the dryer), and I REALLY like the quality of PUL they used for the inside of it.

Wet Bags are also a great investment not just for us cloth diaper addicts! We use them for swimming stuff all the time or especially for those times when you are out with a baby/toddler and need somewhere to stash the dirty clothes you just changed! Or what I didn't think of before I read it on their website, a regular laundry bag (brilliant).

Now for the fun part - I want you to have one too! And I was lucky enough to acquire a second one from these lovely kind ladies (*seconds quality - however I have inspected it and it appears as perfect as mine) to giveaway!

* giveaway open to residents of Canada & the United States only *

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Cheryl said...

I like the idea that it seems like it would clip onto the end of your changing table (didn't read the full review, sorry) Never saw another bag with that feature :)