Friday, August 2, 2013

The Sling Sisters XL Wet Bag - Review & Giveaway

* I was not given a free product for this review - these thoughts are all my own *

So, I was in desperate search of a new pail liner for my diaper pail (garbage can) as DH decided he hated waiting for one while the other was being washed. Yeah - permission to shop! I decided to be somewhat frugal about this because of my diaper spending, but yet needed to get something decent at the same time. I found a local online retailer (shout out to The Little Tree Hugger) who carried The Sling Sisters XL Wet Bag. While not necessarily what I was looking for I decided to check out this brand I had not heard of before. LOVED what I saw on their website. While I was poking around I saw they had a few "seconds quality" items for sale (less than perfect). SOLD. I bought one, didn't even care what print it was haha! (but did still like the print)