Thursday, July 4, 2013


Sorry this is long overdue already! I will start out again by thanking Lisa for the awesome opportunity to take over her labour of love - Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveaways! I hope I can continue to do it justice!

My name is April and I am a cloth diaper addict and mom of two beautiful little ladies! My youngest (baby K) is already 4months old, sigh. And my oldest (A) turns 3 next week (tear). In the fall DH and I will have been married for 6 wonderful years, he is my best friend & the most amazing Daddy ever!

Both of my little ladies have been cloth diapered from birth, we were privileged to deliver in a hospital that used cloth, they both came home wearing cloth and yes we have defaulted to sposies now and again for various reasons and regret it every time (even DH hated it lol). How did I end up with cloth? I was in cloth as babe and played with them as a child. Randomly read about it online while prego the first time - and once you make the comparison to disposables - how could you possibly choose anything else?? Cost effective (saves you money), better for babe, better for the environment, how could you say no to those arguments? Oh wait the best part - they are all SUPER CUTE! Tell me you don't plan outfits around the diaper?! (especially in the summer haha when you can show off the cute dipes even more).

I do work full time outside the home when I am not on Maternity leave (so very fortunate it is for a year in Canada). It's the most difficult choice in the world to make, being away from the kids, but it's a decision that works for us. I consider myself moderately crunchy I guess? I volunteer a great deal of time with my sorority when I'm not with the fam. And now I am SUPER pumped to make my cloth diaper passion a full time hobby with all of you online!!!

Make sure you say hi and share your stories and questions anytime! I will always be looking to continue the support of WAHM's and everything they have to share (cloth diapers and MORE). If you want to share your WAHM product with the
world make sure to drop me a line to do a review/giveaway/advertising!

I already have 2 really great things in store for you all - watch for them VERY soon (and more that just diapers too). Oh and pray the girls cooperate so I can get them out to you ASAP lol. Hint Hint -- check out UCHI Mama & The Sling Sisters!

TTFN (ta ta for now)


Christina said...

I'm very curious which hospital in Canada uses cloth diapers?