Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RearZ Flair Snap Prefold: Product Review

Once again, I have a wonderful product review brought to you by Megan of Cushy Tushy Bum Apparel & More. This time, however, rather than bundling this review in with a set of other items up for review, I decided to review this one item completely on its own as it is so incredibly different compared to everything else out there in the diapering world.

As many of you know, prefolds are flat-shaped diapers that are sewn to have a special, extra-thick soaker pad within the middle of them. They can be folded in a variety of ways and fastened with pins or a Snappi. All prefolds must be covered with a diaper cover to be completely waterproof, but they are also great for letting baby go "coverless" in hot, humid weather or when baby's bum is developing a bit of redness or a rash. Prefolds are easy to launder, are inexpensive, and are typically a real "no fail" system. However, the down side of them can be all the folding & pinning (newbies to cloth diapering may find this especially intimidating!).

the prefold, prior to washing
RearZ has come out with this amazing new prefold diaper that is still a prefold in every way, shape, and form, except for one thing--it has the added bonus of several rows of snaps fastened into the "waist" area so that it is able to quickly & effortlessly fasten itself--no extra pins or fasteners required! Megan of Cushy Tushy sent me one of these RearZ prefolds from her product catalogue.

When I first got it, the diaper was very flat and thin. I had never used prefolds before, and I wondered how this diaper could actually absorb anything at all. However, once I followed the prep washing instructions (I washed and dried it 4 or 5 times before using it--this removes the natural oils and "primes" the diaper for its first use), I noticed a substantial transformation with this prefold--it fluffed up considerably, and its fibres became plush and noticeable. Suddenly it was turning into what looked like a much softer, more absorbant diaper.

this prefold has built-in snaps to fasten it without pins or clasps
Then I was totally baffled how to fasten it onto baby (I had some guesses but wasn't sure if I was totally on the right track & didn't want to fail on my first experience). Megan kindly put together this fabulous instructional video for myself and other people interested in this product, which not only shows exactly how to fold and put it on baby, but it also highlights lots of great product features such as the different sizes & styles. I would encourage you to have a quick watch right now! :)

After watching the video, I felt comfortable to use this diaper right away. I laid Baby Aurelia onto the medium prefold, trifolded the pad & front section (as the video showed), and folded it up, snapping it wherever it felt comfortable. I like that the v-shaped rise snaps are also available for smaller or skinnier babies as well--it's a really clever design!

this fluffy diaper is absorbent and doesn't dig in anywhere at all
 I love the simplicity of this system, especially for hot days or days when baby is uncomfortable or fussy. There are no elastics at all in this system, which can actually provide a nice, welcome break from the red marks that pocket diapers, all-in-ones, and even disposables can leave on the thighs. With the thick pad in the middle (especially when tri-folded additionally), we never had any "leaking" out the sides, though with heavy wetting we could start to feel some dampness when coverless. Because of that, I personally think these would be a great, handy solution for Elimination Communication (EC) or potty training as well, since they are unfussy, can be removed very quickly for pottying if need be, and will allow both the baby and the parent to feel dampness quickly (though the diaper itself can hold quite a bit).

As Megan mentioned in the video, Cushy Tushy carries these unbleached, 100% cotton prefolds in the following sizes (amounts of fabric layers are also shown):
these unbleached diapers have gorgeous, rainbow-serged edges
Small: 6-13 lbs 11×14″ 4-6-4 layers

Medium: 14-26 lbs 14×18″ 4-8-4 layers

Large: 27+ lbs 17×22″ 4-8-4 layers
She has also had some of these Flair Prefolds tie-dyed which I think is a super fun way to jazz up a basic prefold! These are a great value at only $6.00-$7.50 for the plain prefolds (small through large), or you can add $10 to each one if you'd like it tie-dyed. Megan also has bundles of 6 available starting at only $35. Overall I think these are a great value as they will only continue to get better, fluffier, softer, and more absorbent over time. They are also a no-fuss laundry option, washing cleaner than synthetic or layered diapers and drying very quickly. Paired with a great cover, these would be terrific for newborns with their multiple daily diaper changes and runny poop.

Any further questions about this product can be directed to Megan on the Cushy Tushy Facebook page--she's always willing to go above and beyond to provide answers & help to both novices and experts alike!

these prefolds are comfy & natural and need only a cover to make the perfect system

Disclaimer: The opinions shared in this review are my own. I received no financial compensation to write this review other than receiving this sample product free of charge. Other users of this product may have different experiences than the ones shared.