Friday, June 10, 2011

Winners of our 2000 Fan Celebration

Following are the list of every winner and prize (68 total) from our off-site 2000 Fan Celebration hosted by

Winners must get in contact with their own sponsor to arrange shipping details for your prize, etc. Please contact your sponsor by MONDAY, JUNE 13, by noon. If you choose not to contact your sponsor in a timely fashion, you forfeit your prize. You can contact your sponsor via Facebook wall and/or email. All sponsors are listed next to the prize they donated as a reminder of how to find them on Facebook.

Sponsors are solely responsible for shipping out your prizes. Remember that you may be responsible for out-of-country shipping if the prize specified this. Please pay your sponsor in a timely and considerate fashion for the shipping charges. Please allow up to 6 weeks for the delivery of your prize before contacting me with any concerns at

Thanks, and congratulations to all our winners! All winners will also receive a confirmation email within a few hours.


1. Funky Lindsay (buttons) - STLTaxGirl

2. Diaper Parties by Andrea (Blueberry pocket) - Shelly Spiegal

3. The Spotted Eco Owl (Eco Nuts Prize #1) - Melissa Gerdl

The Spotted Eco Owl (Eco Nuts Prize #2) - Natasha Sukup

4. Abby Sprouts (amber necklace) - Lindsay Morgan

5. Abby Sprouts (onesies) - shelly spiegal

6. Rock-a-bye Booty (nautical diaper cover) - Dani Lee

7. Mom Savvy Media (washy wafers) - Angela Reid

8. Mimi's Attic (doves pocket diaper & burp cloth) - Katie Garringer McCaslin

9. Wholesome Abode (Laundry Tarts samples) - Carisa Bishop

10. Bumblebee Baby (Blueberry Minky Diaper) - Ann Bertram

11. Boobear Boutique (bow) - Ashley Moorhouse

12. Cushy Tushy Bum Apparel (Ltd Edition Charlie Banana) - Vanessa Thompson Vazquez

13. Alina Crochet Creations (headband) - Carrie Campbell Severino

14. Graceful Moose Diapers (fitted diaper) - Angela Cisneros

15. Giselle Denis Fine Artist (original painting) - Tiffany Casey

16. Impassion Creations (custom cover) - becca scott

17. Oh Katy Diapers (Cherry pocket diaper) - Hannah R. Horne

18. Knit Ewe Love (knitted hat) Tenea Cannon

19. Maine Cloth Diaper Company (GroVia Summer Kit) - Jackie Nicole Wertish

20. Fancy Pants Diapers (Cow Minky Diaper) - Kaila Nicole Doyon Naylor

21. Cloth For Your Angel (small wool cover) - shelly spiegal

22. (ad space) - Chantelle Bouck

23. Magic Mommy (boo bag) - Amanda Stallman

24. Magic Mommy (fleece cover) - Hannah R. Horne

25. Magic Mommy (magic sling swim diaper) - Sky Yetter

26. Rearz (newborn cover) - Olivia Lambert Lasting

27. Rearz (small cover) - Tenille Gaudi Bankson

28. Rearz (medium cover) - Sarah McElyea

29. Rearz (large cover) - Amber Dickerson

30. Sweatpea Naturally (Angel Baby Shampoo) - Sara Rodriguez

31. Comfybuns Customs (Set of 6 wipes) - Samantha Allen

32. Comfybuns Customs (un-paper towels) - eileen jameson martell

33. Comfybuns Customs (test drive of wipes) - Sarah Gordon

34. The Willow Store (3 wool dryer balls) - Heather Larson

35. Sandbox Lane (FuzziBunz perfect size) - Laura Richardson

36. Cow Patties Cloth (training pants) - Bonnie Rodriguez

37. Mark. (makeup) - fluffs enough

38. Perfect Parties by Jen Pitre (.pdf invites) - jen brawdy

39. Wholesome Family Products (Snugglebumz diaper) - Tevya Harpole

40. Sweet Little Bottoms (AMP Duo Diaper) - Olivia Lambert Lasting

41. CCBaby (angora soaker) - Amber Nicole Searle

42. Tiny TUkus Cloth Diapers (6 wipes) - Amy Bull

43. Tiny Tutus Cloth Diapers (OS pocket diaper) - Angela Mok (Wong)

44. Buddha Bunz (4 wool dryer balls) - Lindsay Baars-Durand

45. Hipkiddo (OS pocket diaper #1) - shandy patrick

Hipkiddo (OS pocket diaper #2) - elizabeth b lozano

Hipkiddo (wet bag) - Ashley Grantham

46. Marshmallow Legs (baby leggings) - Elizabeth Keys

47. Natural Baby Boutique (bumGenius Elemental) - Andrea Hawkins

48. Natural Baby Boutique (amber bracelet) - Jessica Carpenter

49. Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (wet bag) - Becca Scott

50. Threaded Thingy's (wet bag) - Loralee Martin

51. Mimi's Dreams (mama cloth) - Heather Vorva

52. Little Things for Baby (wipes case) - kamri clark

53. Earthy Crunchy Mama (bumGenius 4.0) - Erin Brady

54. Done with Disposables (2 diapers) - ashley.langlois1

55. Bow Allure (bow) - Tenille Gaudi Bankson

56. Seventeen Sirens (2 bracelets) - Lindsay Morgan

57. Nature's Nappies (Knickernappies diaper) - Trish Thompson-Klassen

58. Fluff Stash (Knickernappies prefolds w/ cover) - Todd n Dianna Poveda

59. Lovely Pocket Diapers (Red Rave diaper) - Erica Nelson-Powell

60. Lovely Pocket Diapers (Classic diaper in Green Stars) - Shandy Patrick

61. Rock-A-Bums (custom diaper) - Winnie Wakulchyk

62. Wild Mountain Mommies (6 wipes) - Kate Charles

63. The Vivid Peach (flower clip/pin) - jenn mcnary

64. (Sweet Pea OS diaper) - Becca Scott

65. Weedle Weedle (Rockin' Green detergent) - Virginia Lee


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Jessica said...

So happy for all the winners!! I need some tips on how to be picked multiple times in one drawing though - some of you mamas are ultra lucky!!!

Angela M said...

Thanks again for the awesome giveaways!!!

Drake said...

Congratulations lucky winners! :)