Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reserve Your June PR Mini Kit!

June is a favorite month for many of us. Many of us look forward to the sunny evenings, Father's Day, trips to the lake and the end of stuffy school days for our kids.

For those of us who cloth diaper, we look forward to laundry on the line, swim diapers, and showing off our babies' cute fluff pantless! Many of us get the itch to stockpile some new summer duds for those baby booties, in the newest, cheeriest prints of the season (or something special to match a certain sundress or set of sandals!).

For all you companies, vendors, shops & WAHMs this year, I'd love to help give you a boost to gain and maintain momentum throughout the summer.

I am selling advertising mini kits for this upcoming June. At only $10, these kits will provide your business with the following PR endorsements during the month of June:
* Three Facebook/Twitter shoutouts with links to your social media page/profile
* One special promotion (sale, discount, contest) shared via a Facebook link
* One business mention on the blog in a "weekly roundup" of good finds, including a link to one of your sites/profiles and a mini logo shared
Through this promotion, you can expect to target a niche audience of moms and pops who love cloth diapering! We can reach over 1725 Facebook fans, nearly 600 Twitter followers, more than 675 blog followers, and hundreds of others who read our RSS feeds and receive our emailed blog updates.

If you would like to go ahead and reserve your PR Mini Kit for the month of June (spots are limited), please proceed to filling out the application form now.

Alternately, please feel free to contact us (or email directly) if you have any further questions.