Thursday, April 14, 2011

Resource: Get in on the VirtaPay Earlybird Special!

VirtaPay is an up-and-coming system of online money that some people predict could become the "next" PayPal-esque system of buying and selling. They are creating an online system of currency that vendors and shoppers alike can agree to accept and pay with, which would then be converted into normal monetary amounts.

Whether it really does take off in a huge way or not, there's no harm in joining now. They have earlybird bonuses going on and will deposit $25 of VirtaPay money into your account just for joining. After that, they'll continue to give bonuses for logging in, keeping your account active, and referring new users ($10 per new signup).

They are in the testing and debugging mode of their launch, and soon hope to begin to add a few vendors to the system to begin the trial phase for making purchases with their VirtaPay dollars.

Be sure to check it out and be the first one in your circle of friends to get in on what could potentially be a great opportunity!