Friday, April 15, 2011

"Follow Friday" Blog Hop via


Maria said...

Be sure to link up on my monthly cloth diaper blog hop. :-)

Unknown said...

New follower here :) Your blog is fantastic!

Unknown said...

Haha, that is really awesome! Thank you, I'm really excited to start CDing and I've been trying to get my family as into it as I am.

I started entering giveaways and found your blog, and then I decided that I wanted to have giveaways of my own and share my experience with cloth diapers. I love giving back to others. I've not had much luck with sponsors though, because I'm new on blogspot, so that has been stressing me out a bit.

Thanks for checking out my blog though, I appreciate it :)

Bum Luxury said...

I just found you through Everything Cloth. I always love seeing new CD blogs!

I look forward to the giveaways!