Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Farewell, February!

Well, I just wanted to take this final opportunity to thank each and every one of our wonderful sponsors and extravaganza participants for making tonight so very, very fun.

Check out our Facebook page and read back on entries from tonight to see some terrific chatter on prefolds, fitteds, wet bags, cloth wipes, and more! Lots of great tips, stories, and advice was exchanged. I think we're building a really terrific community here, and it's very exciting. As I said to my mom (who visited and watched Baby Aurelia while I took care of the big gala), it felt a little like the cloth diapering Oscars tonight to me--a room full of amazing people celebrating the accomplishments of some of our own--amazing women who have risen up and done truly amazing things.

As a bit of the after party (or morning after party, even), won't you go and send a final bit of love, gratitude, or admiration to these eight amazing women? I'd love to see a cascade of fabulous wishes when I log into each and every one of their Facebook walls tomorrow afternoon. Think of it as the final rose we can toss each of them for such a wonderful debut!

Katie - Diaper Parties by Katie
Megs - Cow Patties Cloth
Diana - Sweet Sparrow Design
Megan - Cushy Tushy Bum Apparel & More
Sophie - MiniMaestro
Sonya - Bumblebee Baby
Meredith - GoGoNatural
Jenn - Earthy Crunchy Mama

What else did you all think of tonight--of the experience and of these lovely ladies and their shops? Would love to hear from you ...

- Lisa