Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Looking for Free Business Exposure?

Attention cloth diaper vendors, online shop owners, and WAHMs! If you are looking for a free way to gain exposure for your cloth diapering endeavors, I have a fabulous opportunity that I am now taking on partners for!

Everyone knows the month of February can leave people in a slump. With the winter blues setting in for most of us North Americans and people sitting at their computers more than ever, I thought it would be fun to run a feature called "Facebook February". This feature would have two different components to it: first of all, people who step forward as sponsors would be interviewed by me over email. Questions would focus on topics such as cloth diapering, your business, and (to whatever extent you're comfortable) a small personal biography about you as a vendor, business owner, or WAHM. All the information I gather from our email chat will be woven into a lovely little informative post about you and your cloth diaper-related business. This will be displayed on the blog for everyone to take note of (this in itself is fabulous free marketing and will help spread the word about you online!). You'll also be happy to remember that I am a secondary school English teacher on maternity leave, so I'm confident you'll be pleased with my write up! ;)

The second component to this feature will take place on Facebook (isn't that where everyone hangs out online nowadays?). Sponsors who have been featured in a blog interview will voluntarily put up at least one cloth diaper or related accessory (wet bag, cover, inserts, etc) to give away for free in a series of flash giveaways on Facebook. I will host the giveaways on my Facebook page. In order to qualify for an entry to the giveaway, users will have to return to the main article about you on my blog and grab a piece of relevant information. They may also be required to 'like' you on FB as an entry to the contest. Users will leave ONE comment as their sole allowable entry to the live giveaway. Giveaways will be quick and fun, lasting only a few minutes, but will create a lot of "buzz" on Facebook. will determine the winner of each giveaway. I will then contact your business with the name and mailing address of the winner, at which point you will be responsible for shipping the prize out to the winner within a reasonable amount of time.

Don't miss out on this amazing marketing opportunity! Contact me as soon as possible to reserve your spot as a sponsor, and we will work out a date for your blog feature and Facebook giveaway.

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