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Winners of the Facebook February Features Giveaways!

Congratulations to all our winners!!  And thanks to everyone else who came out to play (better luck next time--we will do it again!)

I'll be sending you all an email shortly--please reply to it within 24 hours to validate your prize winnings, and then the sponsor can get in touch with you to arrange details.


Winner of the Ecobum cloth diaper kit (from Diaper Parties by Katie): "Megan" ichigooverflow at gmail dot com

Winner of the bumGenius 4.0 (from Diaper Parties by Katie): "Katie"

Winner of the Planet Wise cloth wipes (from Earthy Crunchy Mama): "Ashley"

Winner of the Cow Patties Cloth Famous Fitted diaper (from Cow Patties Cloth): "beth" goodkarmacan at yahoo dot com

Winner of the Weehuggers Hobo Wet Bag (from Bumblebee Baby): "Bri" sradke1024 at gmail dot com

Winner of the Dinkledooz pocket diaper (from GoGoNatural): "Lauren"

Winner of the Sweet Sparrow Design cloth wipes (from Sweet Sparrow Design): "Tabitha" tabitha dot pye at gmail dot com

Winner of the MiniMaestro wet bag (from MiniMaestro): "Manager to Mom" kristy_anstett at yahoo dot com

Winner of the MiniMaestro pocket diaper (from Cushy Tushy Bum Apparel & More) "simplyhippie" slumberpartiesbyshai at yahoo dot com

**CLOSED** Earthy Crunchy Mama Microfleece Reusable Liners Review & Giveaway

Sometimes the simplest products turn out to become your favorites, and that is the case with these reusable microfleece liners from Earthy Crunchy Mama. With this product, shop owner Jenn has come up with a simple design that really works. When she sent these to me in the mail this month, her timing was impeccable as it coincided with me trying and reviewing several bamboo diapers from other companies. I found that no matter what I did with the bamboo dipes, they just weren't wicking away from Baby's bum like I had hoped, and we were starting to get a little redness and rash each time. Here enters the Earthy Crunchy Mama liners! These liners are ultra thin and ultra soft, and they create the perfect stay-dry layer with no effort at all!

Laid over top of a diaper's already existing layer, moisture is sucked down into the layers below while this liner stays oh-so-dry next to Baby's skin! I have used it with both pocket diapers and all-in-ones so far, and have had terrific stay-dry results both times. As this is only a $5.00 product (for 10 liners--that makes them only 50 cents each!), I am really impressed.

Of course, the other practical use for these liners is creating a barrier layer between diaper cream and your diapers themselves. Diaper cream's sole purpose is to act as a repellant; cream sits on baby's skin and opposes all the moisture and mess that can build up inside of a diaper, thus helping to prevent rash. However, most diaper creams are a no-no with cloth diapers (most dipes will tell you that right on their tags from the manufacturer). Of course, the reason for this is that the cream transfers off of baby's skin and onto your diaper. Even the most vigorous washing cycle cannot ever fully remove the repelling qualities of the cream as the ingredients are thick and sticky, as you know. Once this build-up lands on your diapers, they will no longer absorb as they used to, and you can start to get leaking problems, or even more of the diaper rashes you were trying to prevent in the first place.

That being said, we all know that there are times we have to use rash cream. When Baby is getting red or bumpy, we're not going to forgo the cream just to save our cloth. Some of us have ugly or less-favorite diapers that the kiddos wear just for rash time. However, if you're like me and have just invested in a brand new stash, I had no idea what to do when I needed to use the cream. Now, once again, these liners have become the perfect solution. Simply lay one of these liners in overtop of your diaper, making sure that the inner lining of the dipe is fully covered wherever you anticipate the cream might hit and spread. These provided pretty good coverage in all my standard diapers, leaving only a thin strip of uncovered inner lining on the sides (however, you wouldn't want it too wide either, as it could bunch up near the leg elastic and cause leaks). This layer definitely did its job and kept all the cream off my diaper.

One critical thing to note, however, is that if you've used this liner with cream, DO NOT wash it right away with your diaper laundry! The cream can float off the liner and still deposit itself onto your nice diaper laundry in the washer (or dryer). You can either hand strip them first by rubbing a little mild dish soap (ie Dawn) into them and then adding them to the diaper laundry, or, you can just do what I did and wash them with your regular baby laundry (blankets, etc).  I never had a really messy diaper with these and wasn't worried about this method.

I did find that with my method (straight into the baby laundry), however, the cream never fully was removed from these liners in the wash (and it didn't help that I through them in the dryer right after, without checking them, so it got kind of baked on). So, I have a couple of these that I keep solely for cream, and then the others I use as a stay-dry layer, if that makes sense. What I love best is even if one of them eventually becomes too gummed up with cream to keep washing and reusing it, it was only 50 cents and could easily be replaced if need be.  That being said, I'll also buy a little Dawn to keep it on hand for more heavy-duty de-creaming ;)

Overall I think this is one of the best, most inexpensive, "must have" cloth diapering tools I've come across to date! In the near future, you can expect to see an expansion of this product line with new colors and sizes of liners coming soon (orange, purple & royal blue; and newborn, infant, and toddler).

Lastly, I love supporting the good people from this shop.  Jenn, owner and operator of Earthy Crunchy Mama is a real earthy, crunchy mama herself. As her online store is just brand new this past year and is already getting ready for an expansion, I am very excited to see what comes next for her! Already, her shop carries everything that a modern mom drools over--reusable snack sacs, nursing tops, swaddling blankets, eco-friendly kitchen & laundry gear, and so much more. With video reviews and a site redesign on her near horizons, this will be a very exciting year for her shop. Read more about Jenn and her shop in my Facebook February Feature!

Head over to Earthy Crunchy Mama to purchase your own set of 10 microfleece reusable liners for only $5! (purchases can be shipped within the United States only at this time)

Earthy Crunchy Mama is generously offering one lucky reader a set of 10 of their very own microfleece reusable liners!

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Winner of the Bambino Mio Swim Nappy from Childish Notions

Congratulations, Cass!  Please check your email and respond to me within 48 hours, or a new winner will be drawn.

Facebook February Feature #8

Meet Katie Palladino, a consultant with Diaper Parties, by Everything Birth

Katie Palladino never envisioned just how her life could change after the birth of her first daughter in August of 2010. Before little baby Mollie came along, Katie was working as the office manager of a busy chiropractic office. Once Mollie was born, however, Katie knew immediately that she wanted to leave her job behind to raise her daughter from home. It was a leap of faith to do so; with her husband, Matthew, a full time student at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the family prayerfully set their trust on knowing the right financial solution would come along. Just a few months later, Katie found out about Diaper Parties. An avid cloth diaperer herself, she felt that this self-run business could be just the thing for her. Although she never saw herself as a direct sales or home party business type of person, she realized that it could be the right fit for her as long as it encompassed a topic she was passionate about. With her and her husband both passionate about chiropractics and holistic living already, it was an easy step for them to become enamoured with cloth diapering as well. In January, Katie took the plunge and became a Senior Consultant for Diaper Parties. In her role as a consultant, she has the opportunity to daily spread the word about how great cloth diapering is. She hosts home parties in which she can share her expertise and product knowledge with moms who are looking to find out about getting into cloth diapering or are looking to order products locally. Since Katie is the first consultant in her area (Quad Cities, IA & IL), she gets plenty of opportunities to be a terrific "go-to" person for moms needing more fluffy information. However, she still finds great support in the network of cross-country consultants throughout Diaper Parties.

For now, Katie has been primarily marketing herself locally, using flyers, word-of-mouth, and personal connections to help stir up interest in her cause. She has been successfully setting up Cloth Diapering 101 talks at local libraries, moms groups, hospitals, doctors' offices, and chiropractic practices. Very soon she will also be participating in several expositions and trade shows. Of course, she is also finding Facebook and the web to be a handy tool in connecting with people, though her primary focus will always remain local.

With her husband, Matthew, getting ready to graduate from Chiropractic College soon, the family knows that the Quad Cities are the place they want to stay. Though they moved to the Quad Cities originally intending only to go to school, they have created life-lasting bonds with new friends along the way. Together with this new family-like circle of theirs, Katie and Matthew have celebrated the births of many first babies and have found their lives deeply intertwined with their new friends by living out a close-knit Christian life together. They look forward to many years ahead with these dear friends. From a business perspective, Katie looks forward to Matthew operating a successful chiropractic office and herself becoming more well-established as a leader in cloth diapering for her community. They also look forward to expanding their family beyond just baby Mollie and dog Manny.

This is feature number 8 of 8 for our Facebook February promotion. Read all the features this month and then join us for a Facebook party TONIGHT, Monday, February 28th at 8:00 PM CST, where Katie and Diaper Parties, Quad Cities will be giving away a FREE bumGenius 4.0 in your choice of color and closure AND a FREE Econobum Intro pack (3 prefolds & 1 cover in your choice of available trim color).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Facebook February Feature #7

Meet Jenn, the woman behind Earthy Crunchy Mama

August 2010 was a very busy month for Jenn and her husband, Russell. Amidst the thrill and busyness of having a newborn baby (Max), they also celebrated the birth of Earthy Crunchy Mama (though the official launch didn't come until more recently, in December). This past fall was a busy one, between managing the family, product testing, stocking inventory, and setting up a brand new website. But, to Jenn and her family, it was all worth it, especially for their love of cloth diapers.

Jenn and Russell didn't always use cloth diapers. It wasn't until their son, Cole (now 3) was 14 months old that they decided to take the plunge after a very serious circumstance prompted them to do some deep thinking. Cole was born with a spinal deformity--Progressive Infantile Scoliosis--which, throughout his young life, has already required intensive treatment including torso casts, braces, and plenty of x-rays. These numerous x-rays expose him to radiation approximately every eight weeks or so. When Cole was turned 14 months old, Jenn and Russell came to a very powerful realization: although they could not control Cole's spine, or the radiation exposure from the x-rays he had to have, they could do everything else possible to ensure he would be healthy. They began the switch to a more healthful lifestyle with organic food, then extended breastfeeding, as well as living a more eco-friendly life in general. Jenn became passionate about baby carriers and how they affect spinal development. The family also decided then and there to make the switch to cloth diapers. Jenn shares, "Cole’s diagnosis, which for some kids in other countries can be a fatal condition, made me realize how quickly things can change and how important it was to have a career which allowed me to be home with my kids. I was nervous about making the leap into business but my wonderful husband encouraged me to make the leap and I am so glad I did!"

The businesses concept for Earthy Crunchy Mama evolved naturally for Jenn, who had been blogging about their family's switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle since April of 2010. From there, the blog that merely shared information about helpful practices and products transitioned into an online shop that could actually help supply people with what Jenn and her family feel are the best products on the market. Earthy Crunchy Mama is a site set on promoting "Natural Living for the Modern Family", as their tagline states. Jenn knows that modern families are busy and that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. Her website (and business) provides people with pared down, quality products and information that they can trust. Jenn also connects with and supports people over email, Twitter, Facebook, and the phone. To accomplish all of this, Jenn works alongside her husband, Russell, as well as her brother, Hank (who assists the couple with the marketing and business aspects).

The Earthy Crunchy Mama team is filled with dreams and goals both big and small. In the short term, they are working on compiling product reviews (both written and video) as well as video demonstrations on each and every one of their shop's products. They are also working to redesign their website and add plenty of new content. In the long term, Jenn dreams of opening up a brick-and-mortar storefront where local parents and groups can shop, network, and come for support on topics such as breastfeeding.

Apart from working on the business, Jenn is enjoying her time at home with her boys, Cole (3) and Max (7 months), and cat, Pesto. She has no regrets about leaving her emotionally taxing job as a social worker to spent more time with family, and hopes they can soon expand their family further through adoption. Currently, the familiy lives in upstate New York and plans to hopefully relocate a little further south to enjoy more time outdoors. For now, though, Jenn will make do with enjoying her pleasant New York summer, looking forward to setting up a clothesline and starting to compost in her continuous pursuit of being a true earthy, crunchy mama.

This is feature number 7 of 8 for our Facebook February promotion. Read all the features this month and then join us for a Facebook party on Monday, February 28th at 8:00 PM CST, where Jenn and Earthy Crunchy Mama will be giving away a FREE set of 10 supersoft Planet Wise Flannel Wipes to one lucky winner!

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itti bitti Prize Pack Giveaway!

Keeping Up With Kynlee is giving away two diapers and a wet bag from itti bitti!


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Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: March 3

Only 3 Entries So Far!!

My This N That Life is giving away a Snappi fastener!


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✔ Send a happy birthday comment to her little guy!

Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: March 8

Win $20 to Spend at Earthy Crunchy Mama!

Oh So Savvy Mom is giving away a $20 gift certificate to Earthy Crunchy Mama!


Mandatory Entries:
✔ Follow the blog with GFC
✔ Mention what you'd buy if you win

Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: March 1

Win a Thirsties Duo Diaper!

Thirsties Duo Diaper, Mango, Size Two (18-40 lbs)Discovering the Mommy in Me is giving away a Thirsties Duo Diaper!


Mandatory Entries:
✔ Follow the blog with GFC
✔ Comment on your favorite Duo Diaper color

Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: March 1

Win a One Size Diapering System by Mother-ease!

Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper (Unbleached)Discovering the Mommy in Me is giving away a Mother-ease one size diapering system!


Mandatory Entries:
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✔ Comment on which air flow cover you like best

Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: February 28

Facebook February Feature #6

Meet Megs and the family behind Cow Patties Cloth

A little creative thinking and a lot of sewing know-how was what ended up bringing Megs into the world of cloth diaper manufacturing. As a young couple starting out, Megs and her husband, Seth, always knew that they had wanted to use cloth diapers. However, after looking longingly at some of the bigger name brands, they realized the initial start up cost would require a bit of saving up. After three months of saving for their fluff fund, they ordered and received a starter kit of diapers in the mail from a large diaper company. After receiving and carefully analyzing her new little stash, Megs realized, "Hey, I can do that!" So, she bought some fabric and started sewing. And so, Cow Patties Cloth was born in October of 2007.

So far, Cow Patties Cloth has been mostly an online endeavor, with a strong following of fans on their Facebook-based shop. Their blog, which also features regular giveaways, is also growing and gaining a strong following. Currently, Megs is happy with the amount of business she has as she's kept busy every night sewing enough diapers to suppy her two retailers as well as a co-op. Typically, she works alone, though husband Seth has been known to man the serger or snap press from time to time. While Megs is happy where the business is at for this phase of life (she can still spend lots of time with her young children), she hopes that when her kids are in school, it will leave time for her to sew more during the daytime so Cow Patties Cloth can stretch its wings even more. Megs sees herself doing this for years to come as it is still a labour of love. "I think that you need to enjoy what you are making. There isn't an order that goes out the door that I haven't liked making," she says.

When she's not busy serging or snipping or pressing on snaps, Megs enjoys her days with the family in their small farming town in Nebraska. She loves playing with and taking care of her kids--Hays (4 1/2) Maxl (3) and Sloane (2). The family also keeps a number of animals--one dog (Fallon), two horses (Mollie and Ruby) and some cattle--that keep them busy. When she finds time for herself, Megs is currently training for the Tough Mudder, a long distance obstacle race that sends proceeds to Wounded Warrior. She also hopes to find time to get back into reading.


This is feature number 6 of 8 for our Facebook February promotion. Read all the features this month and then join us for a Facebook party on Monday, February 28th at 8:00 PM CST, where Megs and Cow Patties Cloth will be giving away a FREE Famous Fitted Pocket Diaper to one lucky winner! With 2 full body layers of bamboo fleece and a cute cotton knit/cotton woven/minky outer, this makes a great night time diaper! Snaps or velcro can be added or you can use a snappi/pins to close it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

FuzziBunz OS Pocket Diaper Giveaway

Fuzzibunz One Size Diaper, Apple Green, 10-45 PoundsFlutie Patootie is giving away a FuzziBunz one-size pocket diaper!


Mandatory Entry:
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Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: February 28

SoftBums Omni Diaper Giveaway

Liz Has a Life is giving away a SoftBums Omni cloth diaper in your choice of color!


Mandatory Entry:
✔ Leave a friendly comment

Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: February 28

Win a bumGenius 4.0!

bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0 - Grasshopper - Hook & LoopMommy and Me Giveaways is giving away a bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper!


Mandatory Entry:
✔ Follow with Google Friend Connect &
✔ Visit the website and mention another product you'd like to try

Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: February 28

Thirsties Duo Wrap & Hemp Prefold Giveaway

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Rose, Size Two (18-40 lbs)Mommy Kat and Kids is giving away a Thirsties Duo Wrap with hemp prefold!


Mandatory Entry:
✔ Visit Thirsties and select which wrap you'd like to win

Additional entries also available.

Contest closes: February 28

Facebook February Feature #5

Meet Sonya, owner of Bumblebee Baby

This time last year, Sonya, owner of hopping little online boutique, Bumblebee Baby, ventured far from hometown of Edmonton, Alberta to visit a friend in Australia. She had no idea that this would kickstart the beginning of a new love affair with cloth diapers, as well as a brand new business idea. "My friend in Australia had the largest stash of cloth diapers I had ever seen!" she says, " I was pregnant with my son and decided I was going to give it a try. I researched and purchased my first FuzziBunz and thought, hey, I could do this!" One thing led to another, and now not only has son Owen (8 months) worn cloth diapers since day one, but Bumblebee Baby, a sweet little online boutique for cloth diapers and other earth-friendly products, is now up and thriving.

This darling little online shop carries all the products that eco-minded parents are searching for these days: non-toxic teething bling, eating and drinking gear, and of course tons of great fluff. Sonya also works locally to promote her business through Edmonton's Urban Infant magazine as well as at local trade shows. She has nothing but excitement for what's on the horizon with the business down the road. She hopes to continue bringing in more earth-friendly products as she finds them, and is always looking for suggestions from her customers and fans on what they'd like to see stocked next. She hopes that sometime soon, when someone says the name, Bumblebee Baby, they'll know exactly who she is and what she is all about as a business.

Sonya's philosophy about the world we live in has a large part to do in her promoting such earth-friendly products in her shop. She says, "I truly believe that we are role models to our children. They are the future, and we have borrowed the earth from them, not inherited it from our ancestors. Your children will become what you are so be what you want them to be." She is continuously making healthy lifestyle decisions within her own family, and they hope that some of what they have can rub off on their friends and community, too.

While spending this year on maternity leave from the Alberta Government, Sonya keeps fairly busy with running Bumblebee Baby and spending time with her beautiful family--her husband of 11 years and their three children: Laurel (5), Violet (3), and Owen (8 months). When she does have some extra free time to herself, though, she loves to spend it working out or visiting with her girlfriends, whether for a quick dinner out, or even for a weekend retreat to the nearby mountains. At the end of her maternity leave, she plans on returning to work and continuing her work with Bumblebee Baby on the side, because it--and her cloth diaper advocacy--is so important to her. "It really gets me excited when other moms and dads choose cloth diapers. In this generation, it seems like such a hurdle to convince people, but if they just tried it, they would understand that it really isn't a sacrifice."

This is feature number 5 of 8 for our Facebook February promotion. Read all the features this month and then join us for a Facebook party on Monday, February 28th at 8:00 PM CST, where Sonya and Bumblebee Baby will be giving away a FREE WeeHuggers Hobo Wet Bag to one lucky winner!