Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A brief interjection . . .

I thought I would take a brief pause in the sharing of contests and giveaways to say a quick hello and introduction. I am (another) Mommy blogger but hope that you can find room to include me in your Mommy bloggers repetoire. In my past (and probably future) life, I am a middle school teacher who loves the action that teenagers bring to my life. For now, though, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet here at home with 4 month old baby Aurelia, our first.

I myself have been cloth diapering from day one, after a combination of my mother's repeated urgings, my becoming more ecologically conscious, and after learning more about what it means to be a "modern" cloth diaperer (no more pokes and pins, or even sprayers--if you prefer to steer clear!).

I have been so fortunate for these first four months to have been given a plentiful stash of homemade, gently-used hand-me-down cloth diapers. Though not as high tech and absorbant as some of what is out there, they have done the trick to keep our baby girl clean as well as to go easy on mine and Dad's pocketbooks while we get in the swing of CD'ing.

Now, however, with Aurelia growing every day (she is nearly double her birthweight now at 13 lbs 10 oz), it is time for me to tuck away some of the smaller-sized diapers and venture out into the wide, wide world of cloth diapering. I'd love to take you all along on my journey. So far, in my internet perusals to find out more about different types of diapers, I've stumbled upon countless giveaways, which led me to create this blog as a conglomeration for all else out there who are looking to, in the very least, read an interesting review of a new product, or, at best, to win yourself some brand new fluff ;)

I hope to build up a little online community here, of people who can share tips not only about contests & giveaways, but also about all things cloth diapering. Please join in with us as we make our start (however humble)--follow us here on the blog with Google Friend Connect or on Twitter (@CDcontests). Drop a comment to say hello, too! :)

- Lisa


Katie Barrett said...

Thanks for following me over at Misadventures Of Family of 8.. I will try to let you know of any new giveaways I post, but life gets pretty hectic.. I post a new giveaway every Monday and Friday, and throw in a LIVE giveaway in between now and then! :O) Great Blog!! Katie

lulusmama said...

Folling from Emmy's World!

Mama Chocolate said...

Thanks for following me! I will also try to let you know when I have some CD giveaways up. I have several coming soon! :-)
I love the idea of your blog and will be visiting it often to find CD giveaways for ME to enter!

P.S. I gave your blog a shout-out on my FB page...hopefully you get some new folks headed your way! :-)

Tat said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting your blog. It seems like most of your giveaways are for Australian residents only :( But I would be interested to read all your posts that are not related to contests.

Cloth Diaper Contests said...

Hi Tat,

Actually, there are plenty of giveaways geared towards North American (American and Canadian) contestants! I will do my best to scrounge up a variety of contests, so please stay tuned ;) I myself am from Canada and am always keen to find giveaways not strictly limited to the USA :)