Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bid on an Auction Item to Help Australia's Flood Victims


Bid on a cute little owl or zoo print diaper or accessory and help flood victims today!

Amy Grant of WeePantz Cloth Nappies has contacted me to make us all aware of a cause very dear to her heart. As a native Australian, she has been devastated to learn about the disastrous floods victimizing her fellow countrymen.

She plans to join some other charitable crafters and auction some of her pretty cloth diapers to support this cause. All the money rasied by the auctions will be donated directly to the flood appeal set up by the government.

See the original announcement about the floods and auction here. Auctions will begin on Sunday (Australia time).

Check out Amy's blog, Sew Sew for further updates, including some items that are up for auction.